Payment methods

Because ‘Your smile makes us smile’ Awa Dent offers alternative payment programs so that each patient can afford treatment at the highest standards.

For this reason, we offer the possibility to pay the prices in instalments, without interest, under a contract.

Examination and establishment of treatment plan 90 lei
Examination microscope 230 lei
Periodic oral exam 70 lei
Consultatie chirurgie 100 lei
Examination orthodontic 115 lei
Examination with the professor 150 lei
Examination Periodontology 115 lei
Examination Pedodontics 70 lei

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– Light-curing composite 175 lei
– Light-curing composite Microscope 290 lei

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Scaling and adult professional cleaning 230 lei
Scaling and child professional cleaning 130 lei

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening treatment / Laser 1750 lei
Whitening treatment in office XTRA-BOOST 1100 lei

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Canal treatment with filling of monoradicular tooth 300 lei
Canal treatment with filling of premolar tooth 350 lei

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Sealing of grooves and fissures for temporary teeth / tooth 85 lei
Preparation and filling of caries on temporary teeth 120 lei

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Occlusal equilibration 230 lei
Bruxism trays 255 lei

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Mono-root extraction 130 lei
Pluri-root extraction 210 lei

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Alpha biotec implant2350 lei
Nobel Replace implant 4800 lei

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Teeth immobilisation with reinforced composite bar 75 lei
Subgingival curettage / tooth 95 lei

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One appliance 1150 lei
Impression with models 2/2 115 lei

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